Fyne Audio Makes a Fyne Debut

Here at Expressive Audio's new showroom in Lincolnshire, we are very excited to announce that we have a new brand in store: Fyne Audio.

Fyne are a fairly new company to the HiFi industry, formed in 2017 and based just outside of Glasgow, nearby to fabled brands such as Linn Products and Tannoy Loudspeakers. When Tannoy Loudspeakers were bought out by an American conglomerate several years ago, a group of the key members of Tannoy including the former director of engineering, the manager of technical design and the factory manager along with senior sales staff came together to form Fyne Audio, boasting a combined wealth of more than 200 years experience in speaker design. They have been honing their skills at Fyne in order to bring the best in class performance they can achieve at any given price level.

I have had my hands on several models of their speakers here for the last 6 weeks and have to say I have been very impressed. The entry level F301s at £299 offer incredible value for money, and are compact bookshelf speakers with a real presence for such a small speaker, tremendous bass weight and timing along with a lovely open presentation. 

The F501s are the first floorstanders in the F500 series. They are medium sized floorstanding speakers, and with a vented bass port are easy to place and will fill a good sized room. Using Fyne's patented Isoflare drive unit with the tweeter mounted in the middle of the mid/bass unit, these speakers give an outstanding stereo imaging even off axis.

Recently I was paid a visit by Fyne Audio's representative who brought me a few other bits to try which I have been itching to write about since hearing them.

The truly diminutive F700s are the smallest bookshelf speakers in the F700 Series and I can honestly say that when we hooked them up to a Rega Elicit and Rega Saturn that I was absolutely gobsmacked, so much so that once we put them on I listened to them for over an hour with many different types of music, thinking that these might be the finest bookshelf speakers I had ever listened to. They went surprisingly low given their compact size, but the timing of them was simply staggering, and the detail presence and sound staging was simply sensational. 

I'm so excited to wait for our own demonstration pair to arrive, but with all F500SP and F700 and F1 built in Fyne facility in Scotland we will have to wait a little while before I can enjoy these sensational speakers.

With such a versatile speaker range covering many different price points and with all the higher end models made in the UK, we are incredibly excited to be offering Fyne Audio to our customers and we hope to see you coming to listen to them soon!

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In 2015 Tannoy was sold to MUSIC Group Corporation (later MUSIC Tribe), which was not American at all but Philippinese (And the owner of Tannoy of that time was a Danish company)

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