Dali Katch G2 Unboxing and First Impressions!

Having always had a soft spot for the unique and incredibly popular Dali Katch G1, we were as excited as everyone else when Dali announced their new and updated version, the Dali Katch G2, and couldn't wait to get our hands on some to unbox and test out. 

Dali have retained the original iconic oval design, but have added some new nice touches such as the gold Dali logo coin on the colour matched leather strap, three new contemporary colour options, and slightly sturdier rubber feet to prevent the device slipping on its surface. 

Internally, Dali have used the same driver and digital amplifier pairing as in the G1, but have upgraded the PCBs, included a much larger 3300 mAh battery to power them, which allows the Katch G2 to play at normal volume for a long as 30 hours! They have also re-tuned it to sound worlds better than the original. The Katch G2 features a 21mm soft dome tweeter and two 3.5" mid and bass drivers on both sides, making for a brilliantly engaging 360 degree soundstage. This makes the speaker ideal for taking to parties, as wherever it is placed in the room everyone will have a great listening experience!

The software has also improved no end since the G1, with the new model featuring Bluetooth 5.0 which will receive apt-X, apt-X HD, and AAC, as well as a truly impressive stereo pairing mode to utilise two Katch G2s at the same time. This was perhaps my favourite feature of the G2, as the two speakers I had to test filled my large, high ceilinged living room with ease, without having to crank up the volume to neighbour-disturbing levels!

Other handy features include a USB output to charge a mobile device from the speaker's internal battery as well as connect a Chromecast dongle or Amazon Echo for multiroom capability, and a 3.5mm auxiliary input for devices without an easy Bluetooth connection. 

I have been incredibly impressed with the new iteration of the classic Dali Katch, both in terms of undeniably enjoyable sound quality, and the ease of use which makes for a relaxed user experience and will undoubtedly lead to more frequent listening sessions. 

Check out our unboxing video below: 

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