Rumblings Enter Lincolnshire (REL)

No, it's not because of the fracking or because of the planned storage of nuclear waste below Lincolnshire, it's because of the arrival of REL Acoustics' subwoofers at Expressive Audio!

We are very excited to announce the arrival of the brand new T/x Series of subwoofers from the famous British brand REL Acoustics. Based in Bridgend in South Wales, REL have been making subwoofers since the early 90's and they have always had one goal in mind: to produce the best sub bass systems possible. 

Born from a desire for a more perfect sound experience, REL began with one man's dissatisfaction with the performance of the subwoofers available at the time. The search for a more perfect sound has continued to drive REL and has resulted in substantial advancements in technology and innovation.

So, what can I say about REL? I have been selling them for many years and they have always been the king of subwoofers in my opinion, and they just keep getting better and better. From the ability to integrate them into a HiFi system with REL's proprietary high level connection, to the new and improved bass reinforcement that delivers an extension to any home cinema system that has to be heard to be believed.

It's not all about bass either. With a good subwoofer it's all about energising the room, which allows the speakers in your system to do less work and means they sound cleaner and more dynamic, creating a bigger soundstage and more detail.

In our demonstration room I started off by putting in our brand new T/9x and the impact was immediate to our reference AV system, which comprises of an Arcam AVR30, KEF R5s, KEF R2C and KEF R3s as rears. Even with a bass capable speaker system like this, the T/9x underpinned the whole system, bringing a new level of detail and spaciousness to the already great system and, when needed, a tremendous depth of impact to meet the demands of any soundtrack.

Taking it to another level, I then added in our T/7x as a second sub. This improved the system yet again, energising the room to a further extent than with the single sub. 

Listening to 'Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol', the level of authority to the system is truly incredible as the soundtrack swells on the team's arrival to Dubai and the scale of the explosion at the Kremlin left my hairs standing on end.

As a final touch, I set up the high level connection into the T/9x, giving the speakers yet another lift in both timing and scale, and musically a step above what the AVR30 and the KEF R5's can already produce.

The T/5x is the baby sub of the range, and is still a great addition to any HiFi or home cinema system either in a smaller room or with a more modest system than our reference system, but listen to it and you will realise it still packs a punch for its size. 

REL's new T/x subwoofer series is mighty impressive across the board and if you would like to hear one, please do pop in to see us in our Lincolnshire showroom or get in touch via phone or email to arrange a demonstration appointment. 


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