Trichord Dino+ Power Supply Unit




A good choice if thinking about upgrading your Dino Phono-Stage power supply. This dedicated PSU is much better than the standard power supply included with each Dino phono-stage, and will allow your Dino to reach it's maximum potential.

‘Dino+’ Power Supply

The ‘Dino +’ Power Supply unit is made up of two completely independent and electrically isolated dc supply circuits, one for the positive voltage rail and one for the negative.

The specially made low noise audio 80VA toroidal transformer is followed by two independent bridge rectifiers. These are built with discrete ultra fast soft recovery diodes for low RF generation. The bridges are then followed by RC/RC filtering using four high performance, low ESR 1800uF Panasonic capacitors. Two voltage regulators provide solid and stable supply voltages.

This level of filtering and regulation provides you with a substantial increase in performance over the Toroidal supply.

Solid imaging and depth to the music are the main benefits.

Power is delivered from the ‘Dino+’  to the phono stage via a 4 way PTFE insulated, silver plated copper lead. This lead is upgrade-able to our High performance lead.


  • DC: 2x independent/electric isolated
  • Toroidal transformer: Low noise 80VA
  • Bridge rectifiers: RC/RC filter
  • Panasonic capacitors: 4x low ESR 1800uF
  • Voltage regulators: 2
  • Lead: 4 way PTFE insulated
  • Lead Material: silver plated copper
  • Operation: 230V (UK plug)

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