A common question from our customers is how we handle the shipping of goods.  Unlike many online services, the products we specialise in often combine significant value and significant weight, so shipping costs are not inconsiderable.

However, if we have your product in stock at our showroom, signified by the words 'In Stock' on the product page, we will always use a 48hr courier to ship your item anywhere in the UK mainland, free of charge.

However, as many of our products are both physically large and very valuable, we can't stock every product at our showroom, so if you place an order for a product that says 'Available To Order', this means we will then place an order with the relevant distributor and ship the item to you as soon as it arrives at our showroom. Stock is very erratic at the moment due to Brexit and Covid issues, so do check our stock availability page or get in touch to confirm the latest shipping estimates.

We don't discount, we don't do special deals, but we don't think you'll find a fairer, more transparent, or better value shipping service!

Just one more reason to make Expressive Audio your first port of call for all your music reproduction needs.


International Shipping


We have a number of international customers, and are always willing to advise music and cinema lovers anywhere in the world. However, due to agreements  with our distributors, many of our products are unavailable for international shipping as it would undermine the local retailers in other countries. If you are looking at purchasing from our website and live outside the UK, please do contact us to check whether we're able to ship to you before trying to place an order. 

Because of the complexities of calculating international shipping rates (it can vary wildly based on destination, and we'd need to provide the dimensions of every possible parcel we could make up!), we apply a standard £20 international shipping fee.  Depending on the items in question, we may contact you to negotiate that.  If shipping will be cheaper, we will always refund you the difference.  If the extra shipping we'd need to pay is proportional to the size of the sale, we'll probably just absorb the cost, but in some cases we may come back to you with an updated shipping cost.