Dali Sound Hub Compact




The Sound Hub Compact plays a central role in your active wireless Hi-Fi system. It transmits your audio sources to the wireless Dali eco system, which includes Oberon 1 C, Oberon 7 C and Oberon On-Wall C speakers. The Sound Hub Compact was designed with compact dimensions and is slim enough to fit behind a wall-mounted TV.



Designed specifically with seamless TV integration and Bluetooth audio in mind, the Sound Hub Compact wireless audio preamplifier combines all the functions and interface facilities needed to play the central role in a complete wireless active Hi-Fi system. It can handle a variety of wired digital and analogue sources, including HDMI ARC, and also pair with Bluetooth audio devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptop and desktop computers to enable entirely wireless audio playback. The Sound Hub Compact can be installed on a table, shelf or furniture unit or be direct wall-mounted using its keyhole slot features.

The system will even automatically switch on when a previously paired Bluetooth device is connected and playback initiated. There’s no complex control app to learn, just automatic input switching and intuitive source based volume control.

The Sound Hub Compact transmits to Oberon C speakers using a proprietary 30 bit wireless protocol derived from the acclaimed Dali Sound Hub.



The Sound Hub Compact and Oberon C wireless connection is highly stable and introduces next to no packet loss. The sub 15 mS input to speaker latency of the system means also that the Sound Hub Compact and Oberon C system can be used in audiovisual systems with no resulting loss of lip-sync.

The Sound Hub Compact wireless connection protocol is a proprietary 30 bit digital stream broadcast over the 5.2 GHz or the 5.8 GHz band. The optimal band option is selected automatically depending on the local radio signal environment. The 30 bit protocol transmits uncompressed I2S audio at 24 bit/96 kHz resolution and utilises the remaining six bits for feed-forward error correction, volume control, speaker identification and for other miscellaneous functional requirements.

The robust nature of the Sound Hub Compact and Oberon C wireless connection means they can be located as much as 10 m apart without risk of connection failure or temporary signal interruptions.



Connection Input 2 x Optical (TosLink)
RCA (Analouge Stereo)
IR Sensor input
Chromecast ready
Connection Output SUB Out (RCA)
USB Charge Output (5V/1.5A)
Wireless Input(s) Bluetooth 5.0 (AAC, aptX, aptX HD)
Wireless Output Full 24 Bit / 96 kHz (No bit-loss attenuated)
Wireless Audio RF Band [MHz] 5150-5250 MHz / 5725-5875 MHz (excluding Japan)
Max. Digital Resolution [bits/KHz] 24 / 192
Max. Power Consumption [W] 2.8
Standby Power Consumption [W] 1.7
Dimensions (HxWxD) [mm] 30 x 212 x 132
Accessories Included Quick Setup Guide
Rubber Feet
Power Cord
Remote Control
IR Receiver
Weight [kg] 0.5
Input Impedance RCA [Ω] 7.2 k
Input Sensitivity RCA [V] 3.0 Vp
Output Voltage Max. Sub-Out [V] 1.7 V RMS
Input Mains Voltage [Volts] 9V DC power supply (universal 100-240 VAC)

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