Key Countdown 11: Totem Acoustics Music is the soundtrack of our lives

Sound sage Vince Bruzzese founded Totem Acoustics in 1987 with the goal of designing a loudspeaker that will create a truly musical and moving performance, whilst remaining affordable. Every Totem loudspeaker is designed with the utmost care and attention to detail and each speaker has distinct scientifically designed wiring. Totem's focus on the design of their loudspeaker transducers, and hours of critical listening tests, aim to design a speaker that you will live with for a very long time.

John's first experience of Totem was in the early days of his HiFi career.  He says: "I can remember the first time I used their bookshelf speaker called the Mite, which was a compact little bookshelf speaker that punched way beyond its weight and was surprisingly capable at sounding bigger than it really was. It also benefited from a very good speaker stand, but one of the things I vividly remember was that Totem had listened to the different acoustic properties of blue tack vs white tack vs yellow tack, and had come to the conclusion that yellow tack sounded best with their speakers. This always tickled me but it was really a true story!"

Stephen has had a love affair with Totem ever since he first heard the Forest, and the Totem Forest Signatures are even more spectacular.  He was also lucky enough to be invited out to Belgium to European distributor Joenit's beautiful town of Mechelen for a few days of celebration of Totem and Rega, with a select few other UK-based retailers, and was delighted to meet Vince in person.  He's owned and used Totem Arro's in his own system, and has also had wonderful results with their in-wall speakers.

Totem was the first loudspeaker brand Expressive Audio signed, and we are incredibly excited to continue our long-standing relationship with Totem Acoustics, and we cannot wait to let you hear what they are capable of in our new demonstration facility alongside some wonderful electronics. Totem Acoustics have partnered with Rega throughout Europe for many years so we look forward to bringing this synergy to you in the near future.

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