DALI Spektor 6 HiFi Loudspeakers at Expressive Audio

DALI (which stands for Danish Audiophile Loudspeaker Industries) started in 1983 as the house speaker brand for founder Peter Lyngdorf's retail chain, HiFi Club. In total, they have more than 35 years of experience, as well as global recognition. In 2018 Dali manufactured 250,000 pairs of loudspeakers, 93% of which were sold outside of Denmark.

In 1986, Dali opened a factory in Nørager, Denmark, which now occupies some 22,000 square meters. The factory runs using a combination of highly experienced staff and automation alongside each other to retain very high build quality, as well as allowing the factory floor to always be clean and quiet. Later on in 2008, they also opened a smaller factory in Ningbo, China, where some production is carried out, and quality assurance for incoming Chinese-made parts is also performed. Dali employs 250 people, 100 of whom work in their Danish factory.

Dali's speaker systems are designed and built with their unique driver units, developed exclusively by their Danish engineers, which allow listeners to hear their favourite music in exactly the way the artists intended. The authentic Dali sound demands more than just a passion for music, so they carry out constant research into the acoustic sciences and development of new technologies. They are committed to excellence and honest reproduction, which shows in every single one of their loudspeakers. Dali's range of speakers is substantial, and covers many different options from traditional stand mount and floorstanders to soundbars, in-wall and in-ceiling speakers. Their extensive range means you're more than likely to find speakers to suit your taste! 

My first experience with Dali was at the house of a customer who had specifically requested an Oberon speaker package, which up until then I had no experience with. Having unboxed them, it was clear that the build quality was excellent, and hooking them up to the customer's home cinema amplifier of choice produced excellent results. The speed and imaging of the package were mightily impressive for the money and delivered equally well in music or movies. The in-ceiling speakers the customer had chosen to complete his Dolby Atmos system were also very easy to fit and sounded great, creating with immense detail and precision the 3rd dimension that Atmos needs to work well.

We can't wait to show you just how much Dali speakers can do in our new Lincolnshire showroom, where we will be carrying several different ranges of their loudspeakers.

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