Bluesound Node 2i in White

Bluesound is part of the Lenbrook group founded in 1978, which also owns NAD and PSB loudspeakers. Bluesound is an alliance of audiophiles whose pursuit is to deliver true digitally perfect high-fidelity audio wirelessly.

As a team of designers, engineers and individuals who have spent their lives in the music industry, they are not satisfied with anything less than perfection.

When digital media became all the rage, Bluesound were not at all satisfied with people relying upon the performance of MP3 or even CD quality. They wanted to be able to deliver high-res master quality recordings through the Bluesound ecosystem to your HiFi equipment.

Encompassing many streaming platforms, HD internet radio and any of your cherished stored CD collection, Bluesound can combine all of these media sources into one easy place to access all your music. Capable of streaming in up to 64 rooms, it can play music simultaneously or separately in each room.

Key products to note are the Node 2i which will connect to any existing Hifi offering you digital media services, Internet Radio, Airplay 2 and Aptx Bluetooth, and the Powernode 2i which has all the same features, but comes with a 60 WPC digital amplifier to drive pretty much any pair of loudspeakers and has an HDMI socket so you can hook up your TV over ARC or eARC.

Bluesound also offer a range of digital active speakers and soundbars which can be used in different rooms or added together in combination to create a wireless home theatre system.

The most experience I have had with Bluesound has always been based around the original model of the Node. It is an exceptional streamer and the app interface is great to use, well thought out and makes it easy to find your music. Whether connected directly into your HiFi or through a high end DAC, this unit always manages to get the best out of your choice of music, be it your existing CD collection or a high-res track played from Tidal or Qobuz.

Our founder, Stephen, uses a Node 2i connected directly to a Parasound power amp in his secondary system, and is delighted with its ease of use and performance.

We can't wait to let you hear what Bluesound can do for you at our new Lincolnshire showroom, which will be ready very soon!

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