A photo of a HiFi system with the words "Cyrus Audio 40th Anniversary Bundles Promotion" in all-caps bold white text with a black shadow on each letter. In the top left is the Expressive Audio logo and in the top right is the Cyrus 40 years logo.

As part of the celebrations of their 40th anniversary this year, Cyrus Audio are running a promotional series of bundles which offer big savings on certain combinations of their products! This promotion is running from 11th April to 30th June 2024, so don't miss out!

These discounts will be automatically applied when you add any of these combinations of products to your cart on our website, or if you make your purchase at our Lincolnshire showroom. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch.


The bundles:

i9-XR and PSU-XR £4,990 = £1,000 saving

i9-XR and CDt-XR £4,990 = £1,400 saving

CDi-XR and PSU-XR £3,990 = £800 saving

CDt-XR and PSU-XR £4,190 = £1,000 saving

Pre-XR and Power-XR £5,990 = £1,600 saving

Power-XR and PSU-XR £4,490 = £900 saving

i9-XR and Stream-XR £5,490 = £600 saving

Pre-XR and PSU-XR £4,990 = £2,000 saving

Classic PRE and Classic POWER £3,990 = £1,000 saving

CDi and PSX-R2 £2,090 = £500 saving

Classic POWER and PSX-R2 £2,890 = £500 saving

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