Chord Mojo 2 | Unboxing & Review

After the success and popularity of the groundbreaking original Mojo, released back in 2015, it was only a matter of time until Chord started working on a new and improved model, re-engineered to take the performance of portable amplification to a whole new level. And after 7 years, the long anticipated replacement is finally here...

Enter the Mojo 2, a battery powered DAC and headphone amplifier designed to make your portable music sound as detailed, immersive and lifelike as your full HiFi system.

Although similar in appearance on the outside to the original Mojo, the internals have been thoroughly re-vamped, leading to a significant performance boost over the older device. In particular, Chord have developed what they claim to be the 'word's first lossless digital signal processor', dubbed the UHD DSP, which should, in theory, convert the ones and zeros of your digital music files into a crisp analogue signal to power the drivers in your headphones without losing any of the detail of the original recording. In fact, not only does this new 104-bit processor lead to a higher-resolution output, it also contributes to another new feature for the Mojo 2: the ability to adjust, up to 9db either way, the lower bass, mid-bass, lower treble and high treble frequency bands, so you can customise the music to your own tastes. 

New for the Mojo 2 is also a USB-C input for most modern Macs, iPads, Android phones etc, however the coaxial, optical, and Micro USB remain in place so the Poly streamer module is still compatible. 

With 8hrs of battery life, enough customisation to satisfy even the most particular audiophiles, and electronic wizardry galore going on inside, this really is the pinnacle of portable audio reproduction. 

In our testing, partnering the Mojo 2 with a pair of Grado SR325x open back headphones, the difference between plugging them directly into the laptop and plugging them into the Mojo 2 was profound. The soundstage opened up as if I was listening on a full speaker based system, and the depth and clarity of the music went to previously unheard levels. The most notable effect was the increase in resonance, particularly noticeable in woodwind and percussion instruments, where the sizzle of cymbals and earthy tones of the saxophone had the space to ring on for an impressively long time. 

Check out our unboxing video below to see what you get in the Mojo 2 box, and how to set it up and access the new customisation features. 

As always, do get in touch if you would like to learn more about the Mojo 2, or any HiFi/Home Cinema product for that matter!



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