Celebrate Audiophile Day!

Founded in 2016, Audiophile Day is an annual celebration that takes place on the 2nd October with the aim of showing appreciation for audiophiles around the world.

As part of the celebration, use code 'AudiophileDay10' to get 10% off your order on our website between 00:00 and 23:59 (BST) on the 2nd October only!


While the dictionary definition of audiophile is "a person who is very interested in and enthusiastic about equipment for playing recorded sound, and its quality" (Cambridge University Press, 2023), there are no criteria for being an audiophile. There are audiophiles all around the world, from a range of backgrounds and with vastly different experiences. Without audiophiles, the music and HiFi industries would not exist, as they are involved in a huge range of ways, from writing and producing music to designing and crafting beautiful HiFi and audio equipment.


Whether you consider yourself to be an audiophile, know someone who is an audiophile or simply respect the audiophiles of our world, there are a range of ways to celebrate Audiophile Day. Here is a list of suggestions, which is by no means extensive:

  • Share why you call yourself an audiophile.
  • Send a message to your favourite audiophile.
  • Share a photo or video of your favourite HiFi equipment.
  • Share a treasured HiFi-related memory.
  • Treat yourself to some new HiFi equipment (don't forget to use code 'AudiophileDay10' for 10% off on our website!).
  • Just listen to some music and enjoy it.
  • Or, share your personal way of celebrating Audiophile Day!


We at Expressive Audio are a team of audiophiles passionate about sharing our love of music, audio and cinema by helping people to maximise their enjoyment of their record, CD, streaming and movie collections with high-quality HiFi and home entertainment equipment. Get in touch with us with any queries you have about your existing equipment or upgrades you'd like to make.



Cambridge University Press (2023) Meaning of audiophile in English [Online]. Available at https://dictionary.cambridge.org/dictionary/english/audiophile (Accessed 24 September 2023).

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