Atacama Apollo Storm 6 Video Build Guide

Check out our video in which we unbox and put together a 5 level Atacama Apollo Storm 6 HiFi Rack:

Atacama originally started out in the aerospace industry in 1969, but in 1992 they launched their SE speaker stand in a bid to save the company from the recession, and have continued to manufacture high quality multi-media furniture. Since then, Atacama have been at the forefront of HiFi furniture development, producing renowned stands such as Equinox, and more recently developing a high-tech bamboo composite material for their Eco range. 

Expressive Audio have always been fans of Atacama furniture, and we have a number of their pieces on display (and in use!) at our showroom in Lincolnshire. 

Atacama’s exceptional Apollo Storm 6 HiFi rack provides great value HiFi furniture for the price. Constructed with a modular design, you can buy as few or as many shelves as you need for your HiFi system, up to 8 dependant on overall shelf height for stability. The largest leg height will accommodate even the biggest of AV amplifiers, and the small shelves are perfect for source components. If your system ever grows then you can just order an extra shelf and add it to your rack.

The Apollo Storm 6 is available in two finishes - a beautiful light oak and a rich dark oak - both of which will look brilliant in any room. You can further customise your rack by selecting the colour of the legs.

We think this is a great choice of rack for a wide range of HiFi enthusiasts, from people just starting out with their first system right the way up to those perfecting their carefully curated listening room. 


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