An exciting update on our new premises!

As progress is being made on our physical premises in Moorby Yard, Lincolnshire and it is beginning to look less derelict, we thought we’d share a sneak peek of how it’s been going, and how we expect it to look when finished.

The premises itself is an old barn set in the beautiful grounds of the Revesby Estate. The combination of the peaceful surroundings, abundance of wildlife, and rustic atmosphere means this will undoubtedly be one of the most unique HiFi showrooms around. 

The showroom will be equipped with a workshop for cable termination and other maintenance, a dedicated demo room with acoustic treatment for hifi systems and home cinema systems alike, and a comfortable seating area to chat through options for upgrading your systems with our manager John Nelson.

We’re all looking forward to being able to invite you to visit the completed building, which is set to be ready in March 2021. For now though, have a look at the current progress that has been made on converting this rural barn into our new showroom.


In the Summer of 2020 we drew up some scale plans, and even a scale model on google Sketchup to visualise what we wanted from the space available. As you can see, we decided on utilising much of the length of the building for the demo room, meaning we can demonstrate larger speakers without compromising their sound due to the inherent acoustic limitations of a small room. Furthermore, the length will allow us to have a longer throw for our range of home cinema projectors, meaning a larger and more immersive picture on our end wall. 

Recently the work has been focussed on laying the concrete floor, and clearing the surrounding thicket to ensure we have plenty of parking space available for visitors. Scaffolding has also been erected to begin work on refurbishing the roof, which is currently not as waterproof as we’d like!

The next stages will involve building the walls, windows and doors, and installing the interior dividing wall, before we can begin decorating and acoustic treatment.


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