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It's the time of year where our thoughts turn to decorations, mulled apple juice, log fires, carols, and the certain-to-be-dashed hope for a white Christmas. Yep, it's advent - the countdown to one fo the biggest family days of the year.

At Expressive Audio we have a tradition of marking each day of advent with an interesting article, pertinent to our business - it could be about music or movies; it could be about a product, or a question our customers typically bring to us; it could be about the underlying technology that makes everything work. In the past we've done interviews, technical deep-dives, musical recommendations, psychology, history - and this year we're going to do more of the same.

Why do we do this? Well, at Expressive Audio we're privileged to work in an industry that can really make a difference in people's lives. The pleasure people derive from listening to their favourite music, from discovering new artists or films, either quietly, or with friends and family is something to be cherished. This year hasn't been the easiest for anyone, and this season is a time to reflect and to share, and to remember what's good in the world. As people start to wind down, and maybe have more time to relax and read, and as people think about present ideas, and look forward to new year resolutions, it's fun to provide plenty of thought-provoking, interesting and stimulating content.

We also think it's a chance for you to get a bit of an insight into us - the family that runs Expressive Audio. We all do this because we believe in the arts - music and drama, and because we believe there's still a place in the world for the small, personal business that builds relationships - a business with a personality.

And, of course, the search engines like it too! In the cut-throat world of 21st century retail, the opinion of the mighty Google is all important. Google recommends sites that are trustworthy and relevant. When we produce relevant, interesting, informative articles, we're demonstrating to Google that we're trustworthy and relevant. And that helps more people to find us, and helps us to help more people.

So if you like what you read, and like what we're trying to do, it would mean a lot to us if you'd share what read with your friends and family too. It helps get the Expressive Audio name out, and helps our business to continue to stay viable as we go into another uncertain and challenging year ahead.

So - watch out on Facebook and Twitter for the hashtag #AudioAdvent, or come back to the Audio Advent blog here on every day in the run up to Christmas, to follow this year's series of articles on all things music, movies, HiFi and home cinema.

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