Audio Advent 2021 Day 22: All About Mains Conditioning

Continuing on from my previous blog about mains cables, high quality mains is still absolutely critical to the performance of your HiFi.

The next step in the conquest for the best mains is mains conditioning. This is a topic that some know very little about, and that also divides many other people. You can spend as little as £500 for a starting 6 way mains block like the one shown below, to many thousands of pounds for mains regeneration. In this article I will give you a quick insight into how it works and what you get at each level.


ISOL-8 PowerLine 6 Power Distribution Unit:

All mains conditioners act to reduce mains born wide spectrum noise. The frequency and degree of attenuation depend on the level of product: for example, as you work your way up the ISOL-8 range the complexity and degree of filtering improves. In addition, some products feature something called Axis technology designed to specifically filter out DC noise and stop it spreading from component to component.


ISOL-8 InLine Mains Conditioner:

Only authentic mains regeneration can create a true pure wave form for each individual component, and this is of course difficult and expensive to do. However, the results are startling when you provide a system with a perfectly made, filtered and created 230v feed.


The best analogy I can offer for mains conditioning is that it's like a window, and each upgrade you do is like opening the window a little bit more so that you can see what's really going on outside.


As mains and conditioning is such a divisive subject, the best recommendation I can offer is to give us a call on 01507499047 for a chat about it, or come and see us at our Lincolnshire showroom to borrow some items from us and see what they do in your own system. Email us at and we can let you know a good time to come in for a listen and a chat.

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