Van den Hul USB Ultimate 1m Cable




As an increasing number of streaming audio products, applying USB A to B in their communications chain, are becoming available, Van den Hul have looked into how such signal can be influenced and how the construction of a cable could in turn be optimised to get the best result possible. The result is their USB Ultimate cable.

The signal carrying wires are kept as far away from the powerlines as possible; the flat construction of the cable allows a maximum distance. Furthermore, the signal wires are extremely heavy plated silver over OFC. As digital signals tend to go to the outside of the cable (the so called skin-effect) the dense very pure silverplating is in effect carrying the signal from source to receiver.

The Hulliflex jacket provides a long lasting protective environment for maximum durability. This all, together with some other ‘secret ingredients’, make that The USB Ultimate is one of the best USB audiocables available today!



  • Van den Hul The Ultimate USB (Halogen Free) Cable
  • Length: 1m
  • Jacket Colour: Hulliflex, red

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