Van den Hul The Integration Hybrid Interconnect


Termination: RCA


Supplied in 1m lengths as standard. Please get in touch for custom lengths. 

Available with either RCA or XLR termination. 


The very first member of Van Den Hul's very own state-of-the-art FUSION SERIES. It’s a triple shielded audio interconnect suitable for both balanced and unbalanced uses.

  • The INTEGRATION HYBRID’s design is based on their worldwide acclaimed D – 102 III HYBRID.
  • Highly resistant to interference noise: star quad configuration with four stranded FUSION conductors with a very effective triple layered shielding.
  • Low capacitance presents a low load to the signal source. This means that longer runs of cable can be used without losses.
  • Hybrid technology means the conductors are embedded in a conductive layer containing their Linear Structured Carbon ®).
  • Highly versatile. Besides being suitable for both unbalanced and balanced uses, it also serves perfectly as a music instrument or microphone cable.
  • Fusion Technology conductors are strong and are much less susceptible to break under frequent bending than the average copper cables.
  • Gold colored jacket in rugged HULLIFLEX ® jacket acts as an excellent protection for heavy use.

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