Totem Signature 1 Loudspeakers


Colour: Mahogany
Speaker Grilles: No


Designed for Totem's 30th Anniversary

Don’t call it a comeback. The Signature One, designed for Totem's 30th anniversary, is not a “comeback” of the famous Model 1 that launched Totem. It is an elevated, advanced monitor loudspeaker reflecting the progression of their engineering prowess and is primed to knock you out.

The spirit of the Model 1 lives deep within it but the Signature One is quite unique and its superior performance defies comparison. An imposing 6.5-inch mineral infused woofer derived from the Forest driver is mated to a 1” aluminum dome tweeter housed in a rear chamber. Designed simultaneously to achieve the best phase relationship, their synergy is perfected by a handmade crossover consisting of only a few precious components.

Signature One is an homage to our history, an anniversary celebration, and a retro yet timeless design that will outperform competitors throughout its multi-decade lifespan.

Design features

  • Elegant design and aesthetic compactness
  • Specially modified proprietary drivers
  • Flush-mounted drivers
  • Aerodynamic rounded front baffle and angled rear baffle
  • Extensive cross-bracing and radical angle internal floor
  • Available in exotic veneers

Technical features

  • Lock mitered monocoque chassis
  • Industry unique borosilicate damping
  • Exclusive, hardwired crossover
  • Silvered OFC wiring
  • Bi-wire-able gold plated WBT terminals in an annealed aluminum plate


Frequency Response 45 Hz – 22 kHz ± 3 dB
Recommended Power 50 – 200 W
Woofer 6.5″ (3″ voice coil) / 16.5 cm (7.6 cm voice coil)
Tweeter 1″ / 2.54 cm aluminum dome, chambered
Impedance 8 ohms
Sensitivity 87.5 dB/W/m.
Dimensions (w x h x d) 7.67″ x 13.77″ x 10.62″ / 19.5 cm x 35 cm x 27 cm
Placement from rear wall 1′ – 3′ / 30.48 cm – 91.44 cm
Placement distance apart 4′ – 10′ / 121.92 cm – 304.8 cm
Break-in Time 100 – 150 hours
Crossover Frequency 2.5 kHz (Compensated, 2nd order)
Speaker Terminals Bi-wireable, Gold WBT connectors


The speakers require several hours of actual music playing time as a minimal break-in period. During this time, refrain from playing them at very loud levels. You will notice a definite gradual improvement in the cohesiveness of the music reproduction as this occurs.

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