Solidsteel VL-2 Vinyl Storage/HiFi Rack


Pole colour: Black


*Turntable and records pictured for demonstration purposes only.

This is a two shelf rack. Please click the following links for the three shelf and four shelf versions of this rack.


Whether you already have a large collection of LPs, or you are just beginning to enrich it, and whether you have a Hi-Fi system, or you are just setting it up step by step, this fantastic new product range is a perfect solution for all music lovers, especially for fans of vinyl records in search of the right place for their audio sessions.

Together with the elegance and design that has always distinguished all the products of the Solidsteel brand, the originality of the project represents an absolute novelty to have the whole of your musical world at hand. It is thus possible to transform any environment into a wonderful space dedicated to the enjoyment of music, enriching one's home with a piece of furniture that has the typical Solidsteel DNA.

The walnut wood finish is designed precisely to fit in any environment, and allowing the easy arrangement of one's favourite objects, which often accompany people's record collections. The modernity of the design is derived from the perfect fusion of tradition and functionality.

The VL Series is characterised by the essentiality of the furniture destined to last over time and, at the same time, functionally meets the current and future needs of various audio systems that can be configured with passion and attention. In recent years the rediscovery of vinyl has re-lit the spotlight on the world of Hi-Fi, the forerunner of modern consumer electronics.

In the last years of work, participating in trade fairs and collecting disparate feedback, Solidsteel came across many fans who own vinyl record collections without owning Hi-Fi systems, often due to lack of space and ambient conditions. They are proud to have created a solution of this type that can truly represent the key to exploring and rediscovering the pleasure of good listening.


How many records can I put in this rack?

By depending on various LP's dimensions you could have, you can accommodate at least 120 records per each level. 


How is it made?

All the materials are finely crafted, selected and of Italian origin. The frame is made up of parts of the famous Solidsteel S Series, all its screws are galvanised, frame pillars are made of anodised aluminium, carefully filled with an absorbent phono sponge to dampen vibrations. The various metal particulars, at the bottom and top ends, are all galvanised and finished with powder-coating to avoiding an risk of rust over time.

The VL Series is composed of MDF shelves - 1280x410 mm, with a thickness of 22 mm - finished with high quality polymeric laminates in Walnut finish.

Solidsteel's reccomended layout is to have the first shelf at the bottom dedicated to the layout of vinyl collections, while the subsequent shelves offer distances dedicated to hosting your own audio system. However, since the product is modular product, it is freely convertible for you to arrange however you wish.

The S Series Pads (protective floor discs) are always included as standard.


Technical Specifications

Tubes: painted aluminum (anodized) filled with damping material;

Hardware: stainless steel;

Terminals: Iron AVP treated with zinc to eliminate the risk of rust;

Shelves: MDF wood (22 mm of thickness), polymer laminate.

Sustainability for each shelf: 120 kg tested.

Weight: 26 Kg | 57,3 lbs

Outer Dimensions mm | inch:

W 1280 (50,4)  H 464 (18,2)  D 410 (16,1)

Inner Shelves Dimensions mm | inch:

W 480 (18,9) H 325 (12,8) D 410 (16,1)


  • Walnut Wood with optional Black or White tubes.

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