Russound A-H4D In-Wall 1 Source, 4 Zone A-BUS Hub




As the heart of a single-source A-BUS system, the A-H4D hub sends music from your audio source to A-BUS Amplified Keypads or Amplified Volume Controls in up to four rooms. To provide music in more rooms, one or more A-H4Dx Expansion Hubs can be added to the A-H4D.

With a receiver or preamplifier connected to the A-H4, you can select any of your music sources to enjoy throughout the house. Or you can connect just a single audio source, such as a computer or a CD changer.

For added convenience, a Status feature indicates on your keypads when the receiver is on and turns all your keypads off when it's turned off.

Designed with an attractive Decora® style, the A-H4D installs in a double-gang wall box.


  • Works with Russound A-K4 Amplified Keypads
  • Provides source status indication on your keypads
  • Includes a source loop output and IR emitter jacks for four source components
  • Decora®-style device installs in the wall near your audio equipment
  • More zones can be added with A-H4Dx Expansion Hubs (each A-H4Dx occupies an additional gang)


  • Audio Input Connectors Line-level stereo RCA jacks
  • Expansion Input Connector 8-pin female socket
  • IR Emitter Connectors (4) 1/8" (3.5 mm) TS jacks, tip positive
  • Keypad Outputs (4) 110 punch-down blocks
  • Power Connector 2.5 mm jack, tip positive
  • Power Requirement(s) 24 VDC 2.5 A (use Russound A-PS power supply)
  • Status Power (optional) 12 VDC 100 mA
  • Status Power Connector 2.5 mm jack, tip positive

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