PLiXiR Elite BAC 1500 AC Power Conditioner


Input/Output: 100Vac~120Vac


The PLiXiR Elite BAC 1500 power conditioner is the best mains AC power conditioning product for your Hi-fi system; 1500Watts of Pure Tone power capable to support up to 250W per channel stereo Hi-fi systems. It is designed to naturally reduce the incoming AC mains noise while improving the current delivery to your system. Based on a custom single winding balanced power transformer, ground loop current and noise is reduced to negligible level to equipment connected to it, making it suitable for sensitive equipment like turntable and phono stages. It is the ultimate grounding box for your whole Hi-fi system.


Technology and Craft

PLiXiR's Elite balanced power conditioners feature the highest grade power transformer from Noratel, the inventor and premier toroidal power transformer manufacturer. Customised to their exact spec and with proprietary XQ (eXtra Quiet) technology, an Elite balanced power conditioner will provide the best noise isolation, power conditioning and optimal systems grounding for your HiFi system in a single package.


Other Features

Casing: Extra rigid aluminium vault casing – Thick precision extruded and CNC machined aluminium slabs form the casing for the PLiXiR Elite BAC 1500. The bottom plate is a hefty 8mm thick plate of aluminium that anchors the whole casing.

Vibration Control: Isolated by Bfly Audio - Bfly Audio's Master Pro-Feet Series isolation footers from Germany are installed onto PLiXiR Elite BAC 1500. They isolate the Elite BAC 1500 from the ill effects of self and environmental vibration and contribute to the natural sound of the Elite BAC 1500.

Master-crafted: Build and tested by Master craftsman -- Each BAC is hand-made by a master craftsman. As much as possible, all electrical connections are done by point to point direct soldering with minimal use of connectors and joints that degrades sound.



TWO VOLTAGE VARIANTS: 1. Input 100~120Vac to output 100~120Vac balanced 60hz, 13Amps peak continuous current delivery.

2. Input 220~240Vac to output 220~240Vac balanced 50hz, 6.5Amps peak continuous current delivery.

IDLE POWER CONSUMPTION: Less than 1.5% of Max power. 
WEIGHT: 24kg

DIMENSIONS (IN MM): 288 x 285 x 142 (including footers)

CASING FINISH: Black anodised, sandblasted aluminium

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