Parasound NewClassic 200 Pre 2 Channel Pre-Amplifier




The Parasound NewClassic 200 PRE is a new highly adaptable and very high quality two channel preamplifier.

Essentially, the NewClassic series - like the very flexible Z 'custom' series would not be complete without a dedicated preamplifier, and with the recent discontinuation of the older 2100 preamplifier, the 200 PRE now steps into pride of place.

The 200 PRE is a more modern incarnation in many respects, and that can be primarily seen with the addition of an extremely high quality DAC. The NewClassic 200 PRE now has the Burr-Brown 192kHz-24 bit DAC from the Halo series P 5. As such, the 200 PRE now also boasts USB, Coaxial and Optical digital inputs to fully accomodate this new feature. Alongside the addiiton of the DAC and connectivity options for the digital relam - the 200 PRE also has four analogue inputs, one of which is selectable as a dedicated phono input (MM/MC - selectable). All inputs also benefit from input level attenuation (source volume offset), accounting for a flexible amount of smoother source integration. Finally, as you would expect - nothing gets in the way of the audio purity internally - as the NewClassic 200 PRE enables pure analogue signal path from input to output.

As you would expect though - the input options are not where things stop. The NewClassic 200 PRE has a dedicated home theatre bypass input alongside dedicated outputs for a subwoofer, and both fixed or variable (selectable) outputs too. Obviously, for home 'theatre' integration or more specifically 2.1 integration as well it also hosts analogue bass management with both a dedicated high-pass adjustable crossover and 80Hz low pass subwoofer output. The sub output can also be configured for usage as a dedicated mono output too.

From the fascia of the long and sleek chassis, or you can also access both an auxilliary audio input (that also has 12dB auto gain for front panel AUX to match levels of other sources) and also a dedicated headphone output (has a dedicated headphone amp internally too) if the need be in a more 'HiFi' set up. From the front via the remote control you can fine tune and setup the 200 PRE to your exacting requirements - bass, treble and balance adjustments can be made, alongside source input names and finally front panel display brightness.

This audio adaptability clearly verges on the margins of firm custom installation territory to an extent, and as such use of these 2 channel and surround features can be easily integrated into higher end projects with several key features.This high end audiophile preamplifier also has triggering/turn on/off control options as well as a useful rearl IR input. The NewClassic 200 PRE also features a fully bi-directional rear RS-232 / Serial port too (Control4® drivers and module available soon) enabling the best and most reliable integration options for a host of projects that also require the best audio quality too!

The NewClassic 200 preamplifier is a smart peice of audiophile electronics, hugley adaptable for residential, semi commercial or commercial systems and yet another example of why Parasound has a long history of dedication to superlative overall audio quality and audio reliability. Use it with any NewClassic series amplifier and you will garuantee success...

The Parasound 'NewClassic' 200 PRE is available in black only.

1U rack mount kit available separately (Model RMK11).

Parasound NewClassic 200 PRE - Two Channel Preamplifier & DAC - Features & Benefits:

Burr-Brown 192kHz-24 bit DAC from the Halo P 5
USB, Optical and Coax digital audio inputs
4 Analog audio inputs
Phono input for MM or MC cartridges
Pure analog signal path from input to output
Analog bass management w/ variable 20-140Hz high pass crossover
Subwoofer On/Off & level by remote control
80Hz low pass subwoofer output
Full range subwoofer output can also be used for a mono listening area
Variable and fixed stereo outputs
Bypass input for surround sound or music streamer integration
Default turn on volume memory
Favorite volume memory with remote control button
Input level matching (source volume offset)
Bass, treble and balance adjustments by remote control
Front panel LCD display with dimming
2-way RS232 w/ exact volume control & feedback
Control4 drivers and module available soon
Rename inputs to match connected source
12dB auto gain for front panel AUX to match levels of other sources
Dedicated headphone amplifier
Back-lit remote control with discrete buttons
12V trigger output
Rear panel IR input
0.5w standby power consumption meets Energy Star & EU specs
1U rack mount kit available separately (Model RMK11)

Parasound NewClassic 200 PRE - Two Channel Preamplifier & DAC - Specifications:

Frequency Response:
  20 Hz - 20 kHz, +0 / -0.05 dB
  10 Hz - 80 kHz, +0 / -3 dB
Total Harmonic Distortion (20 Hz - 20 kHz):
  < 0.03 %
Interchannel Crosstalk:
  75 dB at 20 kHz
Input Sensitivity:
  250mv = 1V output
  Total gain = 12 dB (volume set to 100)
  Unity Gain = Volume set to 76
  Maximum output = 3.5V
Phono Stage Sensitivity / Input Impedance:
  MM: 40 dB / 47 k O
  MC: 50 dB / 100 O
Input Impedance:
  24k Ohms
Output Impedance:
  470 Ohms
S/N Ratio – Line Inputs:
  > 100 dB, input shorted, IHF A-weighted
  > 90 dB, input shorted, unweighted
S/N Ratio – Digital Inputs:
  > 100 dB, input shorted, IHF A-weighted
  > 90 dB, input shorted, unweighted
DC Trigger Output:
  12 Vdc, 50ma
AC Power Requirement:
  10 Watts maximum
  250 VAC 50 Hz
  Width: 437 mm
  Depth: 362 mm
  Depth: 369 mm with cables connected
  Height, with feet: 105 mm
  Height, without feet: 89 mm (1U)
Weight:5 kg

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