Ming Da Piccolo MM Integrated Valve Amplifier




Ming Da Piccolo MM Integrated Valve Amplifier in a black/copper finish.

Includes moving magnet phono-stage.

Class A, 16-18W per channel  utilizing the exclusive KT90 Jinvina valves and also featuring valve rectification, that all helps guarantee the superb sound.

This amplifier can not only has an excellent Class A amplifier, but also offers a high quality valve phono stage. You can just connect the turntable as an audio input direct to the amplifier and  then out to the speakers. So  it is much simpler to use a turntable, than having to source a separate Phono stage and amplifier


Output Power:  18 Watts per Channel

Frequency response:  18Hz-50kHz±1dB

S to N ratio:  ≤95dB

Distortion:     ≤0.8% at full power

Input Impedance:   100KΩ

MM Input impedance:  47K and 200pf

Power input:  230Vac

Dimensions   L48 x W38 x H23(Cms.)


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