Ming Da MC300-PRE Analogue Pre-Amp




Ming Da MC300-PRE Reference Analogue Pre-Amp inc Remote Control

This flagship pre amplifier from Ming Da, has been engineered to give superlative performance silent choke-filtered power supply rectified by the proclaimed the 5U4G/274B rectifier.  The  MC300 Pre uses 2 of the Ming Da/Jinvina 6SN7 double triodes, which was originally introduced in 1939. To drive the outputs this pre amplifier has the unusual choice of using the very famous 300B power triode for it output valve. The 300B has been specially engineered in to the circuit to give the output the beautiful and highly rated sonic qualities that only a 300B valve can reproduce.

This top of the range pre amplifier features transformer coupled balanced inputs on professional XLR connectors as well as three inputs on standard gold phono sockets. The MC300-Pre also includes a remote volume control along with front panel controls for volume and selection of the 4 switchable inputs. Designed with the Ming Da range of Mono-blocks in mind, the MC300 Pre will also provide a stunning companion to most other power amplifiers in the audiophile market.


With not only top notch valves and circuit design, the MC300-Pre makes use of a number of Jenson coupling capacitors to maximise the audio path for the best possible audio reproduction.



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