Ming Da Dynasty Potente Mono Block Power Amplifier




Ming Da Dynasty Potente Mono Block Power Amplifier 

The Dynasty Potenté is the stunning new 150 watt Ultra linear and 95 watt Triode mode power amplifier from Ming Da. This very powerful Mono-block power amplifier is based around of the new Tungsol KT150 output valve running in Push Pull mode, along with the option to switch into Triode mode for a warmer and more traditional sound. These pit put valves have been acclaimed for their superior sonics. This powerful output stage is coupled by the best Audyn Tri Reference audiophile capacitors from a pair of the classic 6SN7's providing both drive and input amplification. This output stage employs our heavy and high current capable “E I” configured output transformer, in fact we hand wind all our own output transformers “in house” using our researched and refined designs, as well as using the best available Japanese steel laminations and 99% oxygen free Copper wire, to give a superior balanced frequency response for the best possible power efficiency and sonic quality.

The MD90 also offers a standby switch to enable a steady warm up period, before switching on the HT for use after the warm up period. When used regularly this can help preserve valve longevity.

We now also offer the option of Electronic Auto-bias, to offer the increased reassurance that your output valves are working in their optimal setting, with a minimum of distortion and maximum power.

Supplied in pairs. 


Frequency response  20Hz–40kHz ±1dB.

Output power:   150Watts Ultra linear or 90Watts in Triode mode
Output impedance:  4Ω, 8Ω
Input sensitivity:   1200mv(for max output power)
Input impedance:   100K
Distortion:    ≤1% at full power
Signal to noise ratio:  98dB
Power dissipation:   300W

Inputs:    1 Gold plated RCA Phono

Outputs:    Gold plated 4mm posts

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