Ming Da Dynasty Cantabile-Grande Mono Block Power Amplifier




*Only available via special order, call us to talk through the options. 

Whilst introducing new high end products Ming Da has now raised the bar still higher with the introduction of the new Cantabile-Grandé.(MC998-A). We are now able to offer one of the most powerful class A valve mono block's in the market today...running the  powerful and glorious looking FU80/GU81 power valve in SE(single ended) mode, we achieve the outstanding power of 80 wattsper channel! Standing almost three feet high, and weighing in at 60+ kilos  each, these mono blocks are not for the feint hearted! They are a “heavy weight” in every sense of the words..... But what a sound... with the power to drive all but the most inefficient speakers, valve class A comes into its own at a price that will not frighten the horses!

The Cantabile-Grandé  is a very special mono block power amplifier, we have invested heavily in component quality, for example we use mainly Mills Audio and AMRG audiophile resistors, along with Sic-Safco Relsic and of course Jensen capacitors, together these make this amplifier simply one of the best!  

To improve quality further, we have opted for a two box solution for each mono block,  with the lower part of the unit being the power supply, with the amplifier housed in the upper unit, to further reduce any unwanted hum and noise. The two parts are connected together by  sturdy interconnects... This is an amplifier to rival some of the finest other amplifiers in the world!

Supplied in pairs. 


Output Power - class A   80 Watts per mono block

Frequency response  18Hz-25kHz±1dB

S to N ratio    ≤91dB

Distortion      ≤1% at full power

Balanced and line inputs

Input Impedance(line)   100KΩ

Input sensitivity:   1000mv

Valve compliment   FU80/GU81, 6L6 driver, ECC83

Net weight    60Kg per mono block

Power input    230Vac

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