ISOL-8 SubStation LCX Mains Conditioner




The SubStation LCX is ISOL-8's ultimate high performance mains conditioning and distribution solution for all your source components. A full width version of their flagship SubStation LC only in a full width rather than half width high quality chassis. Their customers asked for a model with more outlets and they listened, providing 6 outlets rather than 4. They also further enhanced the performance of this design with one more stage of conditioning.

The SubStation LCX utilises their proven semi-modular format and DC blocking as standard. Standing alone or in combination for even greater performance. An effective solution to satisfy the most demanding audiophile.

At the pinnacle of mains purification ISOL-8's proven DC blocking Axis circuit is complemented by a massively constructed Transmodal filet. Using proprietary custom wound components, kilos of OFC copper foil and premium capacitors to keep series resistance low, the SubStation LCX cleans high current without music sacrificing full dynamic range.

UK made build quality with a five year guarantee. PTFE insulated silver plated wiring, premium quality components and connectors are standard. The superb DC blocking, a custom earth line choke to suppress noise on the safety earth, and surge and spike protection for peace of mind. The substantial all alloy, non magnetic, full width case provides all the functionality and more of the other SubStation half width products in full width product.



Number of available outlets: 6
Type of outlets available: 13A British chassis sockets
Mains Inlet: 10A IEC
Dimensions: 435 x 420 x 135mm (W x D x H) excluding connectors
Packaged Dimensions: 550 x 520 x 260mm (W x D x H)
Weight: 11.5 Kg (13.5kg Packaged)
Construction: Aluminium chassis with silver finish.
Mains Voltage: 230VAC version for 220-240VAC
117VAC version for 100-127VAC
Input Frequency: 50Hz or 60Hz Nominal
Maximum continuous Current: 8 Amps shared across all outlets
Protection: Double pole circuit breaker

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