Grado GS1000e




Amongst Grado aficionados, their series of handcrafted mahogany headphones have taken on something of a legendary status. Amongst those headphones, the Grado GS1000e 'Statement' is nothing short a stunning example, and the flagship of the range - capable of delivering truly jaw dropping performances that are a league above the old Grado GS1000i and Grado GS1000 models.

The key to that performance comes from their handcrafted, oversized mahogany earpieces. They're made with an intricate curing process which enables Grado to optimise the internal tonal quality. When paired with an upgraded 50mm dynamic transducer and class-leading 12 conductor cable design, it creates outstanding sonic performances.

Grado have designed the cushions of the Grado GS1000e's to create a 'room' for the ears to sit, meaning a greater soundstage and superior spatial experience for the listener. It also leaves the optimal space between driver and wooden housing to ensure it met the exacting standards of a Grado headset.

What's in the box?

  • Grado GS1000e headphones
  • 6.33mm (1/4") to 3.5mm mini adapter
Tranducer type: Dynamic
Operating principle: Open Air
SPL 1mW: 99.8 dB
Driver matched: .05dB
Frequency response: 8Hz – 35KHz
Impedence: 32 Ohms
Jack size: 6.3mm
Weight: 333g
Vented diaphragm
Wooden air chamber
UHPLC copper voice coil wire
UHPLC copper connecting cord

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