Chord SignatureX ARAY Power Cable


Plug Variant: UK
Length: 1m


Chord's first venture into the controversial world of hi-fi power cables began with the Chord Power Chord. With the knowledge they gained from the development of high frequency effective shielding, they were final able to produce a power cable that was consistent in performance from system to system.  The shielding was the easy bit. They learned an awful lot of strange things in the development process. They were truly shocked at the silence between notes and how much it added to the musical experience.

While this was happening, Chord were for the first time developing UK mains and IEC plugs of our their design. That was a really big deal.  Heavily silver plated contacts and fitted with silicone damping to minimise vibration between the top and bottom section of the mains plug and more silver-plating on the IEC as well.  From all of this came the Signature ARAY Power Cable. Fitted with their new silver-plated mains and IEC plugs and using an ARAY conductor configuration along with a dual layer shield featuring 95% coverage high density braid.

When you fit a Signature X Power Cable it’s easy to hear what’s suddenly missing. Noise! That lack of noise means more music and more of all the really beautiful stuff. It’s the dying tones of piano notes, the real attack of a snare drum or the brittle aggression of a Fender Telecaster being played on its bridge pickup. Borrowing a Signature ARAY Power cable from us for the weekend and connecting to your source component is likely to be an enlightening experience. Why the source component?  – because if you reduce the interference entering the source component, you’ll hear it through the whole system. That doesn’t mean that adding more won’t make things any better, it will.  

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