Chord ChorAlloy Shawline USB Digital Audio Interconnect


Length: 0.5m


More and more people are discovering that a computer, a USB cable, a USB DAC, and a great pair of headphones can be a very good way to listen to music. I've personally spent a long time listening to a pair of Audio Technica W1000Z through the Parasound Zdac V.2 and even simply streaming from Spotify can sound fantastic. 

The Shawline USB cable was developed in line with Chord's usual principle of using materials that they know work well and conductor geometries they established during the development of their Sarum and Signature USB cables.

The Shawline USB is built using high quality, silver-plated signal and power conductors.  The power conductors are separately shielded from the signal conductors and the insulation is a specialised hard skin polyethylene developed for high speed signal transfer.  There is also an overall shield, so this combined with the internal shielding, means that the signal cables are protected to very high frequencies.

Like their Signature USB cables, the Shawline USB also uses a specially developed version of the Tuned ARAY conductor geometry.  The cable is hand-built, with ChorAlloy-plated USB A or USB B connectors.

Custom lengths can be built via special request.

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