Chord Epic Streaming RJ45 Cable


Length: 1m


The Epic streaming cable has been developed for use with digital audio streaming components – we can’t call them Ethernet cables because they’re not the same.

Ethernet cables don’t use high quality silver-plated conductors, high speed insulation materials, high density separate pair shielding or high density overall shielding.  Nor do they use Chord's unique Tuned ARAY conductor geometry.

It uses a high precision RJ45 connector with gold-plated contacts that Chord modify in order to be able to directly solder the conductors to the contact pins. 

The Epic streaming cable can help your system sound musically coherent, involving and detailed.  We don’t sell any product that doesn’t add to the musical experience, so put any preconceptions to one side, borrow one from us or visit our demo room and have a listen.

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