Chord ChorAlloy Clearway Digital RCA/BNC


Termination: RCA-RCA
Length: 0.5m


The very first Tuned ARAY cable Chord produced was the Chord Sarum Digital.  With the success of that cable, they developed a version for analogue and power cables too. Some people believe digital cables don’t make a difference. While it’s true that a lot of digital cables are essentially just 75 Ohm coaxial designs, the Tuned ARAY is different – it’s a unique conductor configuration.

Clearway digital uses the same Tuned Conductor geometry as the original Sarum Digital. That makes it a very special digital cable and one you probably need to listen to.  It isn’t necessarily detail you’re listening for, it’s something far easier to hear: musical coherence – something that a lot of what used to be called “entry level” equipment is getting very good at producing.

The Clearway Digital can be fitted with Chord's new enhanced ChorAlloy silver-plated  VEE 3 RCA plugs, ChorAlloy plated BNC connectors and/or mono mini-jacks to suit mini/portable DACs etc. The standard length is 1m, with custom lengths available to order by special request. 

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