Audio Detail 211 Mono Blocks


Model: With Audyn Reference Caps


Audio Detail's 211 Mono Blocks are a design aimed at the audiophile market place, specifically for those who love the Single Ended valve sound. They are manufactured by hand using point to point style assembly by Mark Manwaring-White in Great Malvern, England.

The Amplifier is based around the superb KR Audio “211”, directly heated Triode. The driver choice is the well known and venerable 807 valve, used originally for both Audio and Transmitting purposes, from the late 1930's. A large batch of 1940s Mullard 807's were actually located and purchased for this project. The pre-amplification and voltage gain stages are handled by the iconic 6J5 triodes, rather than a single 6SN7, to improve sonics. The mains and output transformers are wound in the UK specifically for these amplifiers. There is no global feedback within the amplifier design, to help with the natural feeling of space and imaging within the sound field.

With separate power supplies for the output stage and input/driver stages, DC heaters throughout, this is a serious low noise amplifier.

The chassis design incorporates two isolated floating sub chassis, for both PSU and amplification, helping to isolate the valves from external vibration (a mechanical form of feedback).
With an output power of 20 watts into 6 Ohms, there is more than enough for modern high sensitivity and more traditional loudspeakers.

There are two options for the 211 Mono Blocks, one with Audyn Reference caps and one with silver wire and Audyn copper Max. The first is available in Wood or Grey, and the second in Wood or Chrome. Please get in touch to discuss model and colour options.



Valve Compliment: 1 x KR 211 (option for other brands), 1 x Mullard NOS 807, 2 x Philips NOS 6J5, 1 x CV717 Rectifier,(5U4G, 274B all suitable)

Output power: 20 Watts into 6 Ohms (other tappings available on request)

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