Audio Detail 101D DHT Pre-Amplifier


Model: Standard


Audio Detail's DHT valve pre amplifier is something to be taken seriously. It has been designed to match the Audio Detail 211 Mono Blocks as well as fit into any other high end system.

This valve pre-amplifier features 6J5 input triodes directly coupled to the famous 101D low power audio Triode from the 1920s to give a good gutsy low impedance output suitable for driving even medium or long cable runs. It was in fact originally designed for long undersea communications, and therefore a very long life, when used correctly!

The DHT Pre-amp can also run with PX4 output valve, and with the flick of a switch it will gently run 45 valve as the output valve. The pre-amplifier has a gain of 12db, with a zero feedback design.

Each channel has its own power supply with double screened power transformers, giving the dual mono design, the least possible cross talk. This pre amp is built on a floating sub chassis, to minimise external vibration, to match the Audio Detail 211 mono blocks.

Offering four line inputs, this makes the DHT a flexible and desirable pre-amplifier to suit most High Fidelity installations. The DHT pre-amplifier stage has been designed to be as transparent as possible, in order to minimise sound colouration. The pre-amplifier is mainly DC coupled and therefore Audio Detail use only Audyn output capacitors, for the best sound. There is however an option for the user's choice of output capacitor. The output socket is located on the top panel to feed the Audio Detail 211 Mono Block input sockets, with a short interconnect. The option for a rear output socket is naturally available. 

Audio Detail's DHT pre-amplifier is available in two models, the standard model and the Special Signature model. The standard pre-amp has the option of remote control volume and input selection, and the Special Signature version has the stepped transformer input with no remote facility. The Special Signature version also has an inductive stepped auto transformer for the control of volume, along with “Audyn True Copper Max” output coupling capacitors for the best possible sonics. Both models are designed with a wooden front panel to match the power amplifiers, and the standard model comes in Wood or Grey, and the Special Signature comes in Wood or Chrome. Please get in touch to discuss colour options.


Inputs: 4 x line inputs .....500mv on Silver RCA sockets

Outputs: 1 pair 2Volts nominal on Silver RCA sockets

Valves used: 2 x 6J5(NOS) 2 x 101D * 1 x 6N6P 2 x 6X5 rectifiers (RCA NOS)
* PX4, 45 available on request

Mains input: 230-240 AC 50/60Hz(115 VAC available on request)

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