Atacama NeXXus 400 HiFi Audio Speaker Stands


Additional top plates: 130mm x 170mm (Standard)
Colour: Satin Black


Designed to support mid to high end speakers, The NeXXus HiFi Audio version of the Award Winning NeXXus Series speaker stands features 76.2mm (3”) front tubes, replacing the 50.8mm (2”) front tubes used on the Essential version.

This upgrade allows a significant increase of mass loading and improved stability to the speaker stand design, making the NeXXus 400 HiFi Audio specification an ideal choice for the serious music lover.

As an example, by opting for the NeXXus 400 HiFi Audio specification, the maximum amount of Atabite filler has increased to 19.49kg (43 lbs) compared to the NeXXus 400 Essential version, rated at 11.05Kg (24.36 lbs).


Supplied in pairs, each individual stand is equipped with one 50.8mm (2”) tube, a 76.2mm (3”) tube and the new 5mm thick laser cut “shield” design base plate along with a 130mm wide x 170mm deep top plate as standard.

If this sized top plate is not a suitable match for the supported speakers, a choice of four alternative sized top plates packs are available and can be purchased separately if required.

The increase in mass and stability also allows an increased weight capacity to be supported on each stand, up from Essential's 15kg (33.06 lbs) to Hifi Audio’s 22.5kg (49.6 lbs).

The spike interface features adjustable 8mm BZP spikes and acorn style locknuts. 

Colour options- Satin Black or as a cost option, Diamond White.



Standard Top Plate (Width, Depth) 130mm (5.11”) x 170mm (6.69”)

Base Plate (Width, Depth) 260mm (10.2”) x 365mm (14.37”)

Overall Height 420mm (16.53”) (inclusive of floor spikes)

Weight Capacity (per stand) 22.5kg (49.6 lbs)

Approximate maximum Atabite mass loading filler capacity (420mm high version) is 19.49kg (43 lbs) per pair.


Optional (Purchase separately)

Top plate pack dimensions (Width/Depth) 

160mm x 220mm (6.29” x 8.66”)
140mm x 210mm (5.5” x 8.26”)
180mm x 150mm (7.08” x 5.9”)
190mm x 305mm (7.48” x 12”)

Spike shoes- 2 x packs of Atacama HD-L spike shoes are recommended if the stands are being placed on a delicate floor covering.

Mass Loading Plate pack- This pack is compatible with NeXXus Series.

Gel Pads- NeXXus HiFi Audio Specification come with mini domed gel pads as standard. Full sized gel pads can be purchased separately if required. 

Atabite Mass loading filler- For NeXXus 400 HiFi Audio, two 7kg tubs of Atabites per pair of stands will be sufficient for most applications. The exact amount to use is room, system, and personal choice dependent. See Atabite product listing for more details.

*Note- The 130mm x 170mm top plate pack is included with Nexxus speaker stands as standard. If you have selected one of the upgraded top plate packs, we suggest that the unused top plates be repurposed by attaching them to the underneath of the base plates via the tube fastening bolts. This will increase the low-down mass of the stands, reduce base plate resonance, increased rigidity and will avoid the original top plates being misplaced should they be required later.

Atacama NeXXus series speaker stands are designed and manufactured in the UK.

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