Atacama Monoplinth Eco 60/65 SE Mono Block Stands


Finish: Natural Bamboo


Supplied in pairs, these solid carbonised bamboo modules make the perfect accompliment to our range of mono block amplifiers from Parasound and Ming Da, offering both support and enhanced performance. They can also be used as a very high quality stand to isolate floor standing speakers from the ground. 

They use mechanical resonance technology such as V.R.D.C. (Vectored Resonance Displacement Channels) cut into the underside of each Bamboo panel. These channels have been designed to direct mechanical energy away from the supported amplifier.

The legs also include resonance technology, with A.S.I.S.T. gaskets and isolation components (Atacama Sonic Isolation System Technology)  built into each of the legs which both dampen and help direct this energy away, allowing this mechanical grounding to dissipate the unwanted resonance to the floor.

Weight capacity per module. 70kg.

Each pair of Monoplinth modules have a total of 16 legs, all on isolation spikes. If being placed on a delicate floor covering, we recommend four sets of Atacama HD-L Spike shoes to protect the floor.

Please note: - Bamboo is a natural material so colour, texture, grain and age will give a variable appearance to each shelf. This is normal and adds to the intrinsic beauty of the material. Because of this, adding Monoplinths to an existing or new Atacama bamboo rack setup, batch /colour tonal differences will be present. If you would like to minimise this variation, where possible order your Monoplinths and standard Atacama bamboo rack shelving at the same time as a complete support system with enough levels to fulfil possible future requirements.

There may be some darkening of the Bamboo over time. This is normal and part of the materials maturing process.

Monoplinths are made in the UK.

The Leg tube colour is Satin Black.

These modules are supplied in the NATURAL BAMBOO FINISH.


Overall Width 600mm (23.6”)

Overall Depth 650mm (25.59”)

Overall Height 110mm (8.26”)

Width between top caps, Inner caps 365mm (14.37”), Outer caps 500mm (19.68”)

Depth between top caps Inner caps 550mm (21.65”), Outer caps 415mm (16.33”)

Height Under Module 70mm (2.75”)

Thickness of Bamboo 40mm (1.57”)

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