Atacama Atabite SMD-Z 7HD Inert Filler




In order to get the best possible sound from your speaker stands, we recommend that the main vertical columns are partially filled with a high density inert filler .

By using Atabites you will reduce ringing and give a sonically dead platform from which to position bookshelf style speakers.

Featuring new zinc coated steel micro-discs, the Atabite SMD-Z 7HD inert filler has a uniformed range of particulate sizes giving consistent sonic performance. The Zinc coating adds mass, protects the filler from both oxidisation and degradation while enhancing the visual aesthetics.

 PLEASE NOTE- Atabites are supplied by weight, not volume. (7 KG tubs). Some settling of contents may occur in transit.

As a guide, each 1.8L (7KG) tub contains approximately 1,6L of Atabites. As a comparison, 1.6L of typical dry beach sand would weigh less than 2.5KG.



Maximum approximate weight of Atabites that can be used for each pair of Atacama speaker stands:-

Nexus 5,  Moseco 5, =7KG,                         

Nexus 6,  Moseco 6, Duo 6, =10.4KG             

Nexus 7,  Moseco 7, Duo 7, =12.2KG 

Nexus10, Moseco 10, =21KG


Moseco CC series, as above with corresponding leg height. 








SLX1000=68KG (SL series, as SLX)

HMS1.1 & Moseco XL 500mm=34KG

HMS1.1 & Moseco XL 600mm=41.8KG

HMS1.1 700mm=55.4KG 

HMS2.1 & HMS2X-600=84KG


Apollo Cyclone 5= 7KG

Apollo Cyclone 6= 10.4KG

Apollo Cyclone 7= 12.2KG


Moseco 5=7KG

Moseco 6, Duo 6=10.4KG

Moseco 7, Duo 7=12.2KG

Moseco 10=21KG

Nexus 6i=8.2KG



Audition Series
(approximate number of tubs needed per pair of stands)

Audition 300     2 Tubs       
Audition 400     3 Tubs
Audition 500     4 Tubs
Audition 600     5 Tubs
Audition 700     6 Tubs


Sonic results will depend on speaker stand positioning, type of speaker, room size, type of electronics and cabling, listening position and personal taste. However, as a general rule filling the stands approximately half to two thirds full generally gives the best results.

NOT suitable for Aurora 6 Speaker stands.

Filler can be used with non-Atacama/Apollo speaker stands but check suitability first with the stand manufacturer.

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