Atacama Apollo Storm Leg Replacement Pack - 135mm, 185mm OR 235mm


Length: 135mm
Colour: Silk Black


Replacement legs to fit Atacama Apollo Storm 6 and Apollo Storm 10 modular HiFi racks. If you already have an Apollo Storm 6 or 10 Modular rack but would like to change a leg height or the leg colour on one or more of your shelf modules, you can order the required parts here.

Not suitable for Apollo Storm 10 Two Shelf AV Module or Apollo Storm 6 Two Shelf Vinyl Storage Module

Available in Silk Black or Glacier White.

Heights quoted are the inner dimension once the legs are fully assembled with all fixtures and fittings in place.

Please note: prices are for four outer tubes with lower spike retention inserts included. All other components supplied originally with the shelf module will need to be reused. If you are unsure which version of Atacama Apollo Storm you have or which legs you would like, please get in touch for help.

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