The finest in analogue, digital, hi-res, and streaming products.

Using all of our acquired experience, we’ve put together a portfolio of some of the finest sounding and looking products from around the world. We’ve made it our business to offer a range that blends beautiful sound and beautiful aesthetics.

We believe in providing superb sound at any price, so regardless of your budget, we’ll work hard to deliver you the finest quality solutions, with creatively crafted systems that can combine new and reconditioned products. We understand that building the perfect system can be a lifelong project, so we are always happy to offer competitive trade-ins for your existing equipment.

Whether your passion is the latest in multiroom, streaming, digital technology, or a well-worn collection of old 78s, we’ll be able to put a system together that will meet your needs.

For many people, short of a live performance, there’s no more engaging and enjoyable way to experience the music you love than via vinyl. We hold a comprehensive range of turntables, tonearms, cartridges and phono stages, from affordable introductions to analogue reproduction right up to class-leading reference systems.

In the digital realm, we’ve sought out the most musical of CD players, and can deliver discrete, mobile-driven automation and streaming systems without sacrificing sound quality.

Fashion isn’t everything, and we know that sometimes older products can be helped to deliver performance that equals or betters the latest offerings from modern vendors, so we’re always open to working creatively with your current system to squeeze every last ounce of passion from the recordings you love.

Our carefully curated range of headphones and headphone amplifiers allows you to enjoy your music in private intimacy.

Whatever your needs, there’s something that is sure to delight you at Expressive Audio.