Never to bid good-bye
Or lip me the softest call,
Or utter a wish for a word, while I
Saw morning harden upon the wall,
Unmoved, unknowing
That your great going
Had place that moment, and altered all.

- Thomas Hardy

Emotiva BASX was, as the name suggests, the basic range - the entry level.  And truly remarkable it was too.  We championed the brand when it first arrived in the UK, and many customers have benefited from the sweetspot of performance and price.

However, nothing lasts forever.  The combination of the dollar strengthening against the pound, and rising shipping costs and logistics challenges since the pandemic means we've struggled to supply our customers, and costs have gone up for us, and for the public.

We always pride ourselves on providing the best possible value and the best possible service, and when we feel ourselves slipping in not one but both of these, it's time for a rethink.

Stay tuned for some exciting news in the new year, as we expect to be adding not one but two brilliant brands to our portfolio, which will provide superb options at this price point.

Meanwhile, it's not all bad news... Expressive Audio has taken the bold step of buying up every last bit of the UK stock of the commended TA-100 integrated amplifier.

The specs alone are impressive - 50W a channel into an 8 ohm load, a moving coil and moving magnet phono stage, USB, Coax and Optical digital inputs, an FM tuner, a sub out, and a headphone amp?  That's a collosal amount of bang for your buck.

Retail on the TA-100, if you can even find someone in the UK with stock, is £599... but we're offering this gem of an amplifier at £499 - that's cheaper than the amp was when it entered the market, and represents unmatched value.

Pair it with the award-winning Dali Spektor 2 loudspeakers, and Chord Company's celebrated C-Screen X speaker cable, and you have yourself the heart of a system for ~£750 - you'll struggle to find anything with this performance/feature/price combination for less than £1000 anywhere else.

Stocks are very limited - at time of writing we have four units to sell, but they'll soon be gone, so grab your chance now!

Head over to the TA-100 page now and place your order!