Chord ChorAlloy Clearway Analogue DIN Cable


DIN Type: Preh-Locking Ring (Naim)
DIN Pin Number: 4 pin
Cable termination: DIN - DIN


The Clearway interconnect uses the same ARAY conductor geometry that Chord first used on the Chord C-line, however they have upgraded all the materials. The ARAY geometry conductors are heavier gauge oxygen free copper, insulation has been upgraded to FEP and the shielding is a dual-layer counter-wound heavy gauge foil design.

The improvements mean that the Clearway carries more musical detail. Dynamics are better, instruments and voices sound more realistic and there is better definition and clarity. The Clearway will let you see further into and get more involved with the music you listen to. 

Equipment fitted with DIN sockets tends to be either Naim Audio or older Quad models, so the Clearway Analogue DIN cables can be supplied with either 4 pin or 5 pin ChorAlloy plated DIN plugs in push-fit metal, plastic (Quad) or Preh-locking ring (Naim Audio) variants.

Just like the Clearway RCA the Clearway DIN cables use the same ARAY conductor configuration to produce DIN to DIN and DIN to RCA cables that carry a musical signal with the same degree of musical coherence and detail that the RCA version carries.  Whether it’s a current Naim amplifier or an old Quad pre and power amplifier the DIN terminated Clearway cables will let you hear more of the performance that these components are capable of.

Standard length of Clearway DIN cables is 1m as Chord established that shorter length cables have a detrimental effect on Naim Audio amplifiers. Longer custom lengths are not a problem can be ordered by special request. 

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