Blue Aura Blue1 Midi




The Blue 1 midi hi-fi system offers customers a wealth of features and connectivity options.

DAB+/CD Player/FM Radio/Bluetooth connectivity/Play music files

Blue Aura’s design philosophy of offering customers stylish and innovative sound solutions continues with Blue 1.


Listen / Stream / Connect

There are plenty of ways to listen to your favourite music with this compact, yet elegant “all in one hi-fi system”. Stream music wirelessly from smartphones and tablets by Bluetooth and even connect wirelessly to Bluetooth enabled turntables such as their PG2. Tune in to your favourite FM stations, or the digital standard DAB+ with higher sound definition. Alternatively, you can listen to your catalogue of CDs with the high-quality inbuilt CD player. They have even included a port to allow music files stored on a USB stick to be played. Improve the sound of your TV, Media player or gaming consoles by using the optical cable connection, one of two Digital inputs available on Blue 1. A powered subwoofer can be connected to Blue 1 to enhance lower frequencies. A headphone socket is located on the front of the Blue 1 to allow you to enjoy your music without disturbing others.


Blue 1 has been designed to deliver the precise and clean sound traditionally associated with Blue Aura products. Functioning as the heart of your hi-fi system, Blue 1 provides a plethora of ways of listening to your music. With intuitive controls on both the Blue1 front panel and the remote control, the system can be navigated with confidence and ease. 

Listen to your stored music by connecting smartphones and tablets via Bluetooth, making it easy for you, your friends and family to stream your favourite music. Bluetooth compatible headphones can also be connected wirelessly. Turntables with onboard phono- preamplifier can be connected to Blue1 by phono (RCA) cable or via Bluetooth; freeing up inputs on the Blue 1 and allowing greater flexibility with equipment positioning. Despite the huge growth in music streaming, CD still offers quality and convenience. The high-quality CD drive has a precision laser unit that will bring out the best of your digital audio discs. With a front-mounted USB interface, you can easily plug in a memory stick for playback of your stored music files. Playable formats; MP3, WMA and MPEG. This port can also be used for charging your smartphone. DAB digital radio offers exceptionally high-detail digital-quality sound and a huge array of content, Blue 1 can store up to 40 preset stations on each band; DAB+ and FM. Two Digital inputs are available for direct connection of TV’s, gaming consoles and Blu-ray players. To enrich the overall sound a subwoofer can be added.




Frequency Range 174.928 – 239.200 MHz
Sensitivity -95DBM

FM Tuner

Frequency Range 87.5 – 108 MHz
Sensitivity 6 dBu (S/N=30dB)

CD Player

Playable Formats MP3,WMA,MPEG 1/2/2.5 Layer 2/3


Playable Formats MP3,WMA,MPEG 1/2/2.5 Layer 2/3


Power output Rated power: 50W x 2@8Ω 1% THD 1KHz
Peak power 60W x 2@8Ω 10% THD 1 KHz
Frequency response CD/AUX/Line: 20Hz – 20KHz
Signal to noise ratio CD/AUX/Line: 85dB
Input sensitivity/impedance AUX/Line in : 320 mV, 47K
Electricity consumption MAX 120W

Digital Inputs

S/PDIF co-axial/ TosLink Supported sampling frequencies: 8 – 192 KHz
Supported Bit depths 16-24 bit
Bluetooth operating frequency 2402-2480 MHz BT Version 5.0
Maximum emitted power (EN62479): 1.73- 2.02dBm

Audio Outputs

Sub-out, 2 x AUX,REC out, Headphones

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