Primare I35 Prisma HiFi Audio Amplifier at Expressive Audio

Primare is a company based in the south of Sweden, founded in 1985 by Bo Christensen, who was a Danish industrial designer and passionate audiophile. He was frustrated by the sound quality, aesthetics and interfaces of typical audio products, so he created a team of designers to form a technology group called Primare Systems AB. Their main mission was to design components with incredible sound quality, and they also wanted their products to have an elegant appearance, with precise proportions and a user-friendly interface. Their current approach is modular and environmentally conscious, and they are still dedicated to ensuring their products have lasting quality, ease of use and satisfying performance. Although Primare refer to themselves as “the sound and vision of Scandinavia”, we believe their products will fit in any household that values high quality music. 

They design and produce HiFi components with the goal of sharing the Scandinavian attributes of honest integrity and timeless design across the world. One particular Scandinavian ideal that Primare are committed to is lagom (pronounced “laah-goam”), which is the sense of true satisfaction gained from balance and harmony. This ideal is reflected in every single Primare product; never too much or too little, always the perfect balance. They are determined that no aspect of any Primare product should draw attention to itself, and that the music should be the sole focus of the experience. Their products create a wonderful blend of technology and functionality, as the components have been designed to effortlessly deliver audio purity and ease of use, allowing you to listen to your music and be fully immersed in the experience while the perception of any technology at work dissolves. 

Primare also value the Danish idea of hygge (pronounced “heu-gah”) which is usually translated to mean “cozy”, but really relates to the satisfaction that comes from time well spent, often with family or friends. Hygge is best understood in the context of the long, dark Scandinavian winter, when the harsh cold outside allows for the best moments of hygge indoors. Due to the cold weather, these moments often come while huddled around a fire or candle to provide warmth, and Primare components are designed with this in mind, in some ways aiming to take on the role of the flame. Primare’s goal is to provide performance that brings a gratifying shared experience of music and film, to bring hygge into your home.

In designing their products, Primare take a practical design approach, in order to allow each individual component and sub circuit to operate in a way that achieves a cohesive whole. Primare are always looking out for new developments, and having been among the first groups to embrace streaming and stored digital technologies they are often at the forefront of new technologies. They never make their product development decisions with marketing in mind, as their purpose is not to draw attention. They only develop and use new features or parts if it will create a significant improvement in performance. Primare aims to perfect instead of to pioneer, as they only want to produce products that clearly improve upon what was available before. They want their products to have the best possible long term use, and will use whatever technology will provide the best experience.

Primare was the first hifi brand our founder, Stephen, fell in love with.  It wasn't just the beautiful metal casework, understated, but gorgeous displays, and perfectly-weighted knobs, it was the spacious, open, clean sound.

When Expressive Audio was founded, Primare was the first electronics brand we brought into the portfolio, and it remains a firm favourite.  Stephen uses a Primare SACD / Bluray player and integrated amplifier as his personal system, showing his love for the brand is undiminished.

Come and see us in our Lincolnshire showroom - we look forward to bringing some much-needed hygge to you!

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