Key Countdown 9: KEF Audio - Listen and Believe

Founded in 1961, KEF is named after the Kent Engineering and Foundry where their story began. Raymond Cooke started the company because of his love of music, and in his refusal to compromise he used every technological advancement he could to take KEF to the cutting edge of audio. KEF have continued this trend over the last 60 years with countless technological improvements, from the use of early synthetic materials in their Reference range to their patented UNI-Q technology up to and including the bar-setting LS50 Wireless products. 

KEF's mission is simple: to deliver the sound to you with as little intervention as possible, and allow you to close your eyes and see the artist in the room with you!

I remember vividly my two early experiences with KEF. One was before I even worked in the industry, when my passion for Hifi was just growing and I was pining over a pair of KEF Q35.2. I visited my then local retailer to listen to a pair and was totally gobsmacked at the way the UNI-Q drive unit imaged sound.

The second was with my brother and founder of Expressive Audio, Stephen Nelson-Smith. We had by pure chance picked up an Original Naim Nait from a retailer who had no real idea of what he had, and we hooked it up to Stephen's KEF Coda 7's. This was a very strange combination of components, but I distinctly remember listening to all sort of things in his flat in Oxford and just thinking that everything sounded stunning.

We are very excited to have KEF amongst our suppliers and will be offering a broad range of their speakers which have always worked well with many of our other suppliers. We look forward to welcoming you to our new showroom in the near future so you can listen to KEF's latest products, including the stunning new LS50 Meta.

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