Rega Saturn Mk3 CD Player + DAC | Unboxing Video

The Rega Saturn Mk3 CD player + DAC is the updated successor to the popular Rega Saturn-R (we have one ex-demo Rega Saturn-R at a discount price available for immediate delivery). Though no internal changes have been implemented in this new model, the case design and user interface have been updated to match the rest of Rega's line up and the output amplifier circuit and digital power supplies have also been enhanced.


The Saturn Mk3 CD player + DAC is essentially two products in one, with an independent DAC circuit and a high specification CD transport and both sections are fully remote controllable with the Solaris remote included in the box. The Saturn Mk3 has two optical inputs, two Co-Axial inputs, a fully asynchronous USB up to and including 192 kHz-24 bit and an added ‘direct’ digital output from the CD playback section. This allows the Saturn Mk3 to be integrated perfectly into any system and it also works perfectly with the Rega Elicit Mk5 integrated amplifier.


For more information about the Saturn Mk3 CD player + DAC, or any other Rega product, or to arrange a demo in our Lincolnshire showroom, just get in touch!


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