NEW Grado SR325x Hi-Res Headphones | Unboxing & Review

In this video we unbox and test the newest version of Grado's SR325 on-ear HiFi headphones. The top of the Prestige range, the SR325x has a lot to live up to over its predecessor the SR325e, which won What HiFi's best headphone of the year three years running. 

The open back design and all aluminium housing make for a gloriously natural, open and resonant sound, however with no active or passive noise cancelling whatsoever, you won't be taking these headphones on a bus or a plane anytime soon. No, these are designed specifically to be used in hi-res, hi-fi situations.

Having tested these both taking the audio straight from an iPhone using Spotify as a control, and plugging them into an amplifier using an Arcam CDS50 and Primare NP5, I can wholeheartedly say that these headphones perform their best with a good supporting system. With no dedicated DAC or headphone amplifier, one might struggle to justify these headphones over, say, a pair of the popular Bose or Sony offerings, however if you are planning to use them in a HiFi setting, you will immediately hear and understand the level of engineering and expertise that has gone into building these headphones, and why everyday headphones cannot possibly deliver the same audio experience. 

If you'd like to buy or listen to a pair of Grado headphones, do get in touch with us on 01507499047, or email

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