Audio Advent 2020 Day 17: Blue Aura's Fantastic PS40 Speakers

*These speakers have now been replaced by the Blue Aura ps32 Speakers*


Blue Aura themselves have been taking the HiFi scene by storm since their establishment in 2010, when a group of HiFi technicians with over 30 years of combined experience teamed up with one goal in mind: to produce stylish, high quality audio products that don't cost the earth. And these speakers certainly deliver in that respect. 

The Blue Aura ps40s are great little standmount or bookshelf speakers; as good looking as they are versatile, and as, or more, capable as some larger offerings from other manufacturers. I borrowed these for a couple of weeks whilst my main system was all boxed up ready for my house move and I have to say I was mightily impressed. With their 4" Aluminium mid/bass unit and a 1" soft dome tweeter they were more than capable of running as part of my bedroom system on my old Sonos ZP100, which sounded great playing out the tunes on my favourite radio stations. 

I popped them on top of my chest of drawers, and when placed nice and close to the wall they were more than capable of bouncing along to the beat of Ava Max's Kings and Queens, and were dealing surprisingly well with the huge bass line of the track.

I then moved them into my front room and paired them up with the Parasound Zpre3 and the ZM2350 on a pair of solid speaker stands. They sounded magnificent dealing with Netflix streamed from my XboxOne, and playing Queen The Works off the MoFi StudioDeck, really demonstrating their versatility.

Once again, I placed them nice and close to the rear wall for some extra bass reinforcement, and these 25cm high, beautifully finished little bookshelf speakers were very much enjoying the slightly over the top system that was driving them, almost as much as I was enjoying listening to them. I was having a hard time containing my smile at to just how good they were!

I was so impressed with them that I even took them up to my girlfriend's house and hooked them up to her Denon RCD-M41 system. Here they showed again just how capable they were, knocking spots off her existing speakers. 

If you like these you should also have a listen to their bigger brothers the ps40LE, which with their ribbon tweeter provide a sweeter and wider soundstage but do require a little more careful positioning.

For £179.00 I can't really rate these speakers highly enough. They are just fantastic value for money and well worth a listen.

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