Trichord Diablo Gen2 Never Connected Power Supply Unit




The finest upgraded power supply to match the Diablo phono stage. Opens up the music to allow your phono stage to reach its maximum potential as a reference level phono stage. It is a significant upgrade over the standard toroidal Diablo power supply.

To connect this power supply to your Diablo, simply remove the basic power supply and connect this Never Connected power supply to your Diablo using the Trichord interconnecting cable included. Includes an IEC socket (rather than encapsulated mains cable) so you can either use the standard UK mains cable included or any upgraded mains cable of your choice.


  • PS: Massive 80VA toroidal transformer
  • Large Capacitor Bank: Yes
  • Voltage Regulators: Twin
  • Resistance (select): 33/100R, 1/47k
  • Capacitance (select): 100pF, 1n1
  • Gain (selectable): 48/52/63/70/74dB
  • Output Voltage: -0V, -/+22Vdc
  • Output Current: +/- 0.5 Amps DC
  • Output impedance: 33 Ohms
  • Drives: 10m of 150pF/m cable
  • DC-offset: <1mV, servo controlled
  • Mains Lead: 3 PIN IEC Moulded
  • Mains Volt: 230V (110V AC)
  • Dimensions (WDH): 117 x 190 x 55mm
  • Casework: Metal matches Diablo Phono

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