Ming Da Piccolo MK3 Integrated Valve Amplifier




Piccolo - MK3 -Integrated Valve Amplifier

The Piccolo employs a pair of the powerful, dynamic and silky sounding KT90's running in Single Ended mode, to help ensure uncoloured reproduction and true sound.

Driven by 2 x 6N8/6SN7 octal valves plus a smooth valve rectified, choke filtered power supply, this amplifier is extremely low in hum and noise, even the input valve's heaters are now DC powered.

Includes remote volume control.

2x 18w.


Power output: 18W RMS per channel

Distortion factor: <0.8%

Signal to noise ratio: > 92dB

Frequency response: 18Hz - 50kHz ± 1dB

Dimensions: L38cm x W33cm  x H23cm

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